5 ways you can increase Festive Footfall

"Do they know its Christmas time at all?" - It's not just a line from a Christmas classic

This is what many store managers asks themselves as the thousands of feet hitting the pavement outside, bypass their stores and head to the competition.

According to figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), almost a quarter (24.1%) of non-food shopping took place online, in the run up to the festive season in 2017.

The figures also show that Christmas trading delivered meagre overall like-for-like growth of just 0.6% in December. Online sales on the other hand rose 7.6%, further reinforcing the disparity between the high street and online.

So… how can brands increase footfall to stores over the festive shopping period?



1. 'Fish where the fish are' with Targeted Acquisition Door Drops

With GDPR limiting the use of cold acquisition data, utilising data-led door drop acquisition campaigns allows you to begin a conversation with the right prospects, in the right areas.

A number of options are available to brands wishing to drive traffic into their stores using door drops:

Boost: If a postcode within proximity of your store contains a high proportion of existing customers, the remainder of the postcode can be 'topped up' and targeted with a door drop. Targeting here is based on your existing customers, rather than using any third-party information.

Postcode level: Acquisition here is based on targeting whole postcodes with your door drop. it is delivered using advertising mail. Targeting is based on existing geo-demographic segmentation using tools like CAMEO and MOSAIC.

Partially addressed mail: Acquisition direct mail is replicated as closely as possible using publicly available and household level data, or using modelled consented information.

To ensure campaigns comply with GDPR’s requirement that personal information is not used, replacements for the recipient's name, such as 'Homeowner', 'Occupier' or 'Valued Customer' would be used.

2. Recognise and target your known ‘ROBO Shoppers’ effectively

According to recent research, 62% of shoppers Research Online [and then] Buy Offline (ROBO) at their nearest store.

To identify these customers you need a method of joining online browsing and purchase data with offline transactional and store data, creating a digital single customer view.

By understanding the customer journey from media engagement through browsing to purchasing, both online and in-store, you can target customers who display 'ROBO' shopping behaviour.

Sending a relevant and highly targeted communication that drives them to your website to do their research begins this process.

Including a personalised drive-time map showing which store or stores are nearby is another way of increasing store visits.

3. Make choice the gift of the season with Multichannel vouchers

By putting voucher value into your Christmas campaign emails it makes it much more likely that your customers will open and keep the emails, and use this as the link back on to your website next time they shop.

These coupons could be used in store, as well as online and when activated across either of these channels would become void, meaning no nefarious redemption would be possible.

By including additional information in your emails around special festive events taking place in the recipient’s nearest store, you can further increase the chance of a store visit.

4. Provide a place to rest weary legs

After hours of pounding the pavement looking for the perfect decorations and gifts, many shoppers would flock to somewhere comfortable to take the load off, if only for a moment.

A pop-up café could give shoppers a reason to enter your store, generating additional revenue.

You could even incentivise visits with a 'free coffee and a cake when you spend £x' initiative, utilised so successfully by retail giants like John Lewis.

By increasing the time customers spend in store, you can maximise opportunities to see your offers and messaging.

5. Reward Physical Shoppers with some VIP treatment

Shoppers' inboxes will be inundated with discount codes and vouchers to be redeemed at online sales, over the festive period.

What about those shoppers who want a physical shopping experience?

Stand out from the cacophony of online brands vying for screen time, by coaxing shoppers in-store with an in-store only offer, discount or sale.

Tying this offer in with an exciting programme of in-store events or services (free present wrapping, a Christmas Crèche for weary parents or even a Christmas Grotto, is a sure-fire way to boost footfall.

Skip the battle of the inbox altogether by sending a physical invite to your physical store, cutting through the clutter.

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