Improve targeting and increase ROI with Digital Print

Have you received any irrelevant communications lately?

For example a supermarket sending you a discount on BBQs when you are a staunch vegetarian? Car insurance when you don’t have a license? Student discount on cinema tickets when you are no longer one? Or perhaps credit card offers, when you are not eligible?

Your customers aren’t any different. Marketers are dealing with ever decreasing attention spans, they need to cut through the clutter of communications that customers are bombarded with every day, so a one size fits all approach when it comes to communications is not a luxury you can afford.

Want to know how digital print can help you deliver highly targeted communications that will improve your customers’ response and your campaign ROI?

The answer: By combining the personalisation capability afforded by digital print with the power of your customer data! Bring the two together successfully and you can send bespoke communications that drive value to your customers.


1) First things first:
Let’s start with name and address. The name can be incorporated on a variable strapline, on map details and you can vary addresses, from the recipient one to the return address.

2) Make it their own:
The offer, products, services, account statement or information can be switched accordingly based on your customer data, for example a celiac would receive gluten free offers, a gardening aficionado would receive gardening equipment offers, a movie geek all the latest releases of his favourite genre and long-standing customers would receive tailored offers and promotions regarding their bank, insurance or healthcare provision.

3) Eye candy:
This applies to images as well. The images on the front cover or in the offer section can be fully variable to reflect the different offers in order to create a communications piece that is truly personalised to that unique customer. For example, a tempting offer to chase the winter sun again this year, or to upgrade one’s ride to something sportier and faster.

4) Location, location, location! :
Furthermore, the data acquired through the address enables us to provide the reader with a customised map, showing the stores or branches closest to the recipient. You can take this one step further and add a drive-time analysis map showing your customers the distance between your physical stores and their homes in a metric they can appreciate: driving time. In fact, adding driving time can help you promote struggling locations and increase footfall. Our research shows that customers are more receptive to a location being advertised as 5 minutes away, rather than one mile.

5) Drive them online:
Next, you can add a personalised link to drive your customers online. This way you will increase your website traffic along with improving your footfall in store, by adding a unique code to reclaim an offer or a link to your website, blog or landing page. It is critical, however, to maintain a consistent experience for the user on his or her journey between mail and online. Why not use a personalised URL? More importantly, assure that your landing page is personalised as well in order to deliver a seamless customer’s journey across devices and channels.

As you can see a digital print campaign requires a wealth of information that will be utilised to drive value to your customer communications. Feeling overwhelmed? We can help with that.

Here at Go Inspire we are experts in data-driven innovative mail solutions. We will help you to stand out on the doormat and deliver a message that sticks and drives action, be that driving traffic to your website, store, branch or call centre.

The way we do that is through powerful data and analytical insights. We are able to pinpoint opportunities in your product range, pricing and promotions that will allow you to increase customer retention, expand your customer base and get more from your existing customers.

We have in-house digital print capabilities to bring your ideas from conception to final concrete products. We continuously invest in the latest printing technology and have invested £20 million in the last 5 years into the business making us one of the best invested production facilities in the market. Our passion for continuous improvement and our market expertise has enabled us to be awarded Digital Printer of the Year at the Print Week Awards 2018.

Can’t wait to start your digital print campaign? Talk to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how we can help you achieve highly targeted communications.