Cinemagraphs – Bring your photos to life

To make your digital marketing stand out from the rest of the crowd and bring your photography to life, consider using Cinemagraphs - the latest creative technique being used by many top brands. Cinemagraphs are static photographs in which an element inside them moves on a loop, creating a subtle illusion. They are a great way to draw the reader’s eye to a specific area in the animation, such as a product, call-to-action button or a special promotion.

Cinemagraphs are easier and more cost effective to produce than videos and are a great way of reaching and connecting with viewers to gain a higher level of engagement. Think about the type of message you want to send and how animation could be most effectively used, it needs to be a surprising yet cohesive part of your campaign. Then consider where to place your campaign - social media, digital displays, email marketing, websites, banner advertisements or use them across all platforms. A well-placed animation will attract viewers attention to your campaign and keep them engaged with your future communications.

Now is the opportunity to experiment and stand out to your target audience, ask us at Go Inspire Creative about how we can enhance your next creative marketing idea.