Create an engaging interactive brand experience in store

Retailers are always looking for new ideas to engage customers with more than just products on shelves. By introducing interactive in-store equipment, retailers will not only improve a customer’s shopping experience, but will be one step ahead and ready for today's tech savvy audience. Looking into what the future of retail might be for the customer, there are many experimental technologies being launched, as well as existing methods that are evolving.

Commonly used over recent years are touch-screen kiosks or tablets. This technology allows customers and staff to look at an eCommerce website or online catalogue, allowing them to find out more information about a product, compare products and order online without leaving the store. If a retailer also runs a loyalty card programme, a customer can scan their card in-store, check their points balance and view offers. In-store paper displays and other small interactive units utilising QR codes are a simple way of promoting particular products whilst augmented reality brings products to life when placed in front of an interactive screen.

To truly enhance a customer’s shopping experience, retailers can take it to the next level using the latest technology, by placing small electronic chips into selected products. This technology triggers catwalk style video footage which displays on in-store screens or can even be shown on a mirror as the customer enters the fitting room area. Customers can scan a product to reveal information on a nearby screen, showing them a product description, the colours and sizes available as well as product reviews and ratings.

Merging the online and offline retail experience in one visit gives the person a better understanding about what they are buying. To keep ahead of the game, give us a call to discuss your next marketing communication campaign.
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