Direct Mail: Mind the Gap

Thinking about Sir Martin Sorrell’s statement (company earnings call on 24 August) that brands such as Proctor and Gamble are saying that they’ve “over-invested in digital”.

That means they’ve probably ‘under-invested’ in other areas. Not invested as much as they should’ve in traditional media. Media you can feel and touch such as direct mail. And, probably not employed enough people with all-rounder skills.

I can only draw one conclusion - the demand for exceptional all-rounder talent is going to grow. Demand for people, for example, who instinctively know what makes a great direct mail campaign.

Our fixation on digital has come at a price. We’ve lost some ‘old-school’ skills in the process.

I hear the same message from our clients. They desperately need people who grasp the power of mail. People who understand the intricacies of the art - from copy and creative to execution - be that print or digital. Who instinctively understand how direct mail fits in a multichannel marketplace. Who know how to integrate online and offline direct marketing campaigns.

My experience is that those skilled in both traditional and digital media will find they’re increasingly in demand.

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