Direct Mail vs. Millennials

A lot has been said about Generation Y or Millennials as they are more known for. Marketers have aimed numerous campaigns to Millennials, made full use of influencer marketing to try and capture the attention of this demographic. 

You could say that there’s an aura of scepticism regarding using Direct Mail for the Millennial demographic. Why would you try to reach a digital first generation through an offline channel?

To answer this question, in this post we will give four good reason why it’s worth using Direct Mail for Millennials.


  1. First and foremost a whopping 77% of Millennials pay attention to/read direct marketing communications (Forbes, 2018).


  1. Being a digital-first generation, Millennials consume on-screen content for most of the day. For this reason they mainly scan-read communications on their phone, tablet or laptop and are more aware of mail. Mail is a physical object that cuts through the digital clutter and forces the recipient to stop and look at it.


  1. Direct Mail represents a novelty for Millennials. As communications have more and more steered towards online and digital, mail represents a novelty with a personalised touch.


  1. Millennials are used to an omnichannel approach regarding customer communications. They own more device than any other age group and consume content on more than one device at the time. For this reason, it would be beneficial to support your digital strategy adding an offline touchpoint with Direct Mail to engage this demographic.


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