Email vs. Mail

It’s the age old dilemma: what works best email or mail? Luckily, Go Inspire has conducted a recent study trying to settle this debate once for all.


But first let’s give it some context.


Email and mail are widely different channels, which offer different benefits and are suited to different marketing messages, objectives, audiences and even sectors.


Email is a great communications tool and a staple for every marketer. It is cost-effective, fast and has a great return on investment.  Your message is delivered immediately to your customers’ inboxes and allows you to have instant reporting on how well your campaign is performing. You can track open rates, clicks and test different kinds of content and subject lines to see which one resonates better with your audience.

Sounds great, but where’s the catch?

We, as consumers and as professionals, receive hundreds of emails a day. Our inboxes are full of communications from work, family, friends and brands, this means our attention is divided between various messages and we tend to disregard promotional emails as spam that fills up our inbox.

Furthermore, we as marketers are limited to what kind of message we can send on email. The anatomy of an email doesn’t leave the space for outstanding graphics or lengthy text. The message needs to be concise and outcome focused, limiting one’s creativity and the chance to write engaging and compelling copy.


On the other hand, mail allows you to have the space to tell your brand’s story, use creativity to its fullest and to drive your point home by giving you a platform to convey and encourage emotion in its recipient.

Mail is a highly engaging tool that provides your customers’ a tangible product in their hand that will capture their undivided attention.

Think about the time when we receive different kinds of communications: when we receive an email we are sitting in a stressful environment, at our desk, trying to get to the bottom of our inbox, or on our mobile, on the move to get someplace else; whereas, when we open mail we are in our own home, we are more relaxed and we don’t have any other distractions such as a screen in front of us, pop-up notifications or social media updates.


High levels of personalisation makes mail a very innovative and engaging medium which drives customers to online activity, and capture the attention of its recipient. As a drawback, mail is often more expensive than email due to postage cost and it reputation has suffered from many marketers assuming a digital-only attitude and disregarding the medium in favor of email.


So, the real question is which one should you choose to support your marketing strategy?

Only one way to find out. Download our recent study using a randomized control trial (RCT) that explores the validity of comparing postal mail and email channels as marketing media here.

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