Great Envelope Ideas

Understanding the processes, materials and effects that can be achieved opens up a whole world of possibilities on your mailing jobs. From personalisation of a recipient’s name, colour washes and images, to multiple windows for teasers and paper finishes. We hope this will give you a small insight into the opportunities at hand to give your mailing real impact.

First impressions count!

Larger letters can sometimes have more impact than a small letter. Think about your graphics and message, would it benefit from a bigger surface area to create a greater impact. Utilise the possibility to be able to get larger images and messages on your envelope.

Personalisation is an important way of reaching the desired person and capturing their interest. A more targeted, personal mailing is more effective and 98% of marketers said that personalisation would enhance the effectiveness of mail!  

Personalise the colour
Reflect what is on the inside on the outer too. Colour matching the outer to a promotion, brand or message contained inside your communication provides a complete message and mailpack. Use variable colour to add value to your outer. Tailoring your message to your customers’ tastes and preferences will let you stand out against your competitors, delivering better response rates and increased customer engagement.

Use double and shaped windows
Tease a little with an additional window to the standard address details window. Show an offer, image or policy renewal that tempts the recipient to want to know more about the contents. Position where you would like it to be on the outer and even create a unique shape.

Use a closed face
If a window is not required or you would like to have a large image or design for added impact, a closed face version without a window is a great option, it can give an exclusive feel when the right imagery and message are chosen.

Digital Stamp
A mailsort postage impression can looks business-like, but if you want a more personalised feel you might consider a digital stamp more akin to a normal stamp.

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