Hand crafted Lettering

As the world trends in an increasingly digital direction, are we collectively missing the feeling of the handmade?

We all like to be reminded that there is a soul behind the work that we see. Delivering communications in handcrafted lettering and illustrations shows a personality and uniqueness throughout a brand.

Hand crafted lettering has made a recent resurgence in design and it’s appearing everywhere; from packaging, magazines and book covers, to advertisements by well known big brands. It appeals to almost every audience, bringing back memories of joy, nostalgia and happiness.

Although stock imagery and typefaces are quicker and cheaper to produce, when brands create unique, hand-crafted elements not only are they increasing the opportunity for greater stand-out in an ever crowded marketplace - they are making their customers feel valued and encouraging an emotional connection. A connection with a brand which has clearly invested time and energy into really understanding what will appeal specifically to them.

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