How to spring clean your database in 4 steps

It’s spring. The sun shines, the birds sing and your database is in dire need of some tender love and care.

It’s time for a spring cleaning of your database, it might not be an exciting task but is a much needed one and necessary to improve your data health, reduce costs and improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

 In this post we will outline 5 steps to spring clean your database and how we can help you with all your data needs so that you can focus on what matters: delivering flawless marketing campaigns driven by accurate analytical insights.


  1. Identify dupes

First things first, you need to identify any duplicates you may have in your database. Duplicates are often inevitable but even if you don’t want to email or mail the same contact twice you need to proceed with caution with deletion. Why? Because one might be more up to date than the other, one contact could have email address and phone number and another just the phone number. Also, consider whether past purchase history or contact history is allocated to a particular duped record. Will deleting them hinder your CRM efforts?


  1. Remove inactive contacts

Why should you reach out to inactive contacts? If your message is falling on deaf ears how can you have a successful campaign? Filter your contacts by activity date to find out who’s engaging with your brand and who isn’t and then assess whether they are worth keeping or are no longer fit to use. Or alternatively, you could consider a separate campaign to re-engage them?


  1. Check for uniformity

Say you want to send out a communication to all your contacts in the United Kingdom, some might be listed as a resident in the UK, others in the United Kingdom. You will need to make all the data values uniform in order to segment your data and not risking excluding contacts because of messy data.


  1. Delete junk contacts

Sometime people might use a fake email address to avoid disclosing personal data to you. If that’s the case it is arguably safe to assume that you shouldn’t keep these contacts in your database. Run data suppression or email verification campaigns to identify these contacts and delete them.


Seems easy enough but what happens when you have thousands or millions of contacts in your database?


You can refer to a data expert. We can offer you a free data audit that will help you get your database in tip-top shape by flagging and identifying duplicates, screening your data against a range of suppression files for goneaways, deceased and incorrect addresses and give you back a snapshot of your data with a summary report.  

All of our processes are completely managed in accordance with our ISO 27001 certification.

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