'Make a Change May'

'Make a Change May'

Go Inspire Group has an internal 'Health and Wellbeing Scheme' which serves the purpose of improving the overall workplace environment and making it a positive space for employees.

With each month having a specific focus on a key topic, we have introduced a number of activities and plans that encourage employees to get involved with.

Last month's focus, for 'Make a Change May', was concentrated on the environment and placing emphasis on becoming a more sustainable workplace, through introducing ways in which we can collectively as a company become more environmentally friendly. 


Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees from their profit; every search that is made through Ecosia a tree is planted in exchange. Trees are vital for the environment for a number of different reasons, including arguably the most important purpose which is absorbing the excess harmful co2 in the atmosphere.

As a result of the tree plantation scheme, every search through Ecosia actually removes CO2 from the atmosphere. We found that this small step of changing our search engine could make a great environmental and social difference, which is why Ecosia was incorporated in our monthly scheme. 


To contribute to our current environmental commitment strategy, we decided to further work on our plastic consumption by making a few changes to our daily habits. A Guardian report (2017) quoted that 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, with just 7% of those collected were turned into new bottles and shockingly the rest are ending up in landfill sites or the ocean. 

We wanted to take action so we made the first change in the office by replacing the plastic cups to paper water cones for the water dispensers, in order to reduce single-use plastic in the office. Additionally, we encouraged employees to use their individual Go Inspire water bottle to also contribute to reducing our number of throw-a-way plastic cups and bottles of water.

Lastly, we saw another scope for improvement towards minimising our plastic use in meeting rooms by introducing Go Inspire branded glass water cups to reduce our single-use plastic bottles of water. 


The last initiative of the scheme was to encourage employees to contribute their participation in becoming a more sustainable workplace. Signposts were set up around the offices to persuade individuals to pick up green habits. 

The posters urged employees to act responsively and switch off electricity and technology when it isn't in use to save as much energy as possible, signposting the correct waste systems to ensure employees are recycling correctly. 

With all these actions from employees at Eclipse and Go Inspire combined, we believe that these small differences will have a greater benefit to preserve the environment for the future.