Mastering Digital Marketing Measurement

Mastering Digital Marketing Measurement

Written by Alistair Ezzy

Digital proliferation. It’s a phenomenon that you’ll have encountered first-hand. As communications technology has grown ever more personal and portable, so too have the various associated channels of marketing. From social media ads through to email, viral videos and countless other forms of digital connectivity, your voice can be heard virtually anywhere you want it to.

But as more innovations and channels emerge, it becomes more difficult to spread your resources and your message across them all. The physical management of so many technologies can wear down on staff time with potential knock-on effects to productivity, and customers can all too quickly become dazzled by the overwhelming wall of messages, sound and colour. And that’s where variable digital print really proves its worth.

Despite this rise in up-to-the-minute, in-your-face and in-your-palm communications, printed communications provide an unprecedented opportunity to score a direct hit with customers, consumers and clients alike, while providing a valuable tool to support and enhance your online marketing strategy. This physical and tangible form of contact remains very much at the forefront of creative communications, and is a more exciting prospect than ever before – not only for those who receive something special in the post that is truly appropriate to them and their needs, but for those sending it out too.

Touch, see, respond

According to the Royal Mail , psychological tests revealed that people value something they can both see and touch 24% more than something they can only see. They also point out that recent data from Kantar Media’s TGI survey  revealed that 80% of adults keep some mail sent to them by companies in the previous four weeks. That’s printed information specific to them, information that can be pinned to a fridge door, put into a wallet and carried around, or sit on a desk in clear view, continually delivering your message.

You can accurately target your customers individually, in ways that are relevant to them and which can make them feel appreciated or can switch them on to your latest campaign. That appreciation can be turned back upon you, the sender, driving more attention, awareness, loyalty and revenue your way.

If you’re not harnessing the power of variable digital print yet, then there’s never been a better time to start.  To give you an idea of where to begin, here are 6 ways to generate more revenue from this powerful and targeted marketing tool.

1. Say hello

When new customers sign up to follow you and your services, variable digital print gives you the power to make them feel welcomed. A personalised thank you letter shows that you both know and appreciate them and gives you the opportunity to suggest other products or services related to their purchase. You can also ask them for a little more info at this point, building your customer knowledge in the process. Knowledge is power - the more you know, the better you can target their drives, desires, interests and spending habits with future mailings and structure an effective and personalised campaign in the process.

2. Keep their interest up

If you notice that your best and most valued customers are deviating from their usual buying pattern, variable digital print enables you to re-engage them by sending them a relevant offer or incentive that has the potential to bring them back your way, targeted and worded based on what you know about them. At Go Inspire Solutions, we employ predictive analytics to accurately forecast buying behaviour, data which is then used to create targeted, relevant and effective marketing materials.

3. What else have you got?

Learning what your customers like and what they buy gives you the power to directly promote associated products and services that might interest them. Variable digital print enables you to segment your target audiences and send out mail that is appropriate to what you have learned about them. By showing them everything you have that’s relevant to them, the more chance you have of them reacting positively to you and your offering.

4. Make new friends

Variable digital print gives you the ability to grow your marketable audience by targeting potential new customers and sending something to hook them directly. With the knowledge you’ve acquired you have the power to segment your communication, putting precisely the right message in front of the right people at the right time to turn them onto a specific service or product. You’re able to demonstrate to your audience that you understand them, you know what they need – and you’re the one to deliver it.

5. Convert browsers into buyers

Many will come to your website and treat it like a shop, looking at what’s on offer but without actually buying anything – or they’ll select a product, put it into their online basket and then wander off elsewhere without completing the transaction. Shopping cart abandonment is a big deal: according to the Baymard Institute , 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned, without the sale or sign-up ever coming to fruition.
A friendly, automated letter to your browsers is a great way to encourage them to come back to your website and buy – converting potential sales into actuality, whether that’s a specific product or a service. Our powerful Go Inspire Insight product CAMPAIGN gives you the ability to do exactly this – and we are happy to offer you a demo/Webex should you wish to learn more. Just drop us a line using the contact details listed below.

6. Show your most loyal customers some love

When certain customers show you real loyalty, digital print enables you to reward them for doing so. These exclusive offers could be seasonal; a voucher for an Easter egg in spring, or an offer that could prove useful at a time of year when they use less heating in the home. Or you could send them money-off vouchers for your own products and services, based on how much you know they spend and the categories of product that they tend toward, all worded in an appropriate manner to suit them.

Variable digital print offers so much to you and those you communicate with. For them, receiving the mail you send is a much more enjoyable and relevant experience; they feel appreciated, that their loyalty and custom is valued and that you’re willing to reward their shopping habits in the process. For you, it enables you to grow, retain and engage your core audience, expanding it while making the most of your accumulated data. You’re able to tap into what really matters to them and plan powerful, creative and appropriate campaigns that are memorable enough to really capture the imagination.

At Go Inspire Solutions we expertly tailor variable digital print solutions on an industrial yet precise scale, enabling your business to improve how you communicate with those who are important to you. Our tools give you the power to accurately analyse the important facts and figures from your campaigns, and shape your mail communications to make them more effective than ever before.

Free 10,000 quantity Digital Test Offer – try it now

If you’re excited at this prospect and would like to experience the revenue-driving power that variable digital print can offer you and your campaigns, then why not take advantage of our free 10,000 quantity Digital Test Offer?

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*Terms and conditions apply. Postage and data not included.