Should you include emojis in your subject line?

Every email marketer knows that a winning subject line can go a long way. Subject lines are the first point of a contact with a customer or potential customer in their inbox and you only have one chance to tempt them into opening your email.

We receive hundreds of communications daily in our inboxes and we won’t click on all of them so the need to be persuasive, original and to the point is paramount.

Subject lines are key to open rates and many email providers will flag your emails as spam once they establish a trend of users not opening emails coming from you. This means that you need to optimise your subject lines.

In the last few years marketers have started using emojis in subject lines more often and reports have shown that the presence of emojis has been linked to an increase in open rates. However, emojis are still being used sparingly, with only 5% of subject lines including emojis (Econsultancy, 2018).

So what should you do? In this article we are going to give 3 pieces of advice for including emojis in your subject lines.

 Use them wisely 

Emojis should be used in a strategic way and sparingly. Don’t overcrowd your subject lines with loads of emojis, without any context.


What works for some won’t necessarily work for your audience, so you need to do some A/B testing to see which kind of emojis resonate better with your audience. Also, test how the content appears on different browser and email providers, if an emoji looks clear as day in gmail, it might not load on outlook, so make sure to do an inbox test.


Use your testing to improve the performance of your emails. Segment your audience based on their preference and get creative to compete for your customers’ attention in the inbox!


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