Use GIFs to creatively boost your campaigns

Why Use GIFs?

The use of GIFs across different web platforms is proving more popular when it comes to a brand communicating their message. GIFs dominate social media such as Facebook and Instagram, potentially giving you access to a wider audience.

Since twitter’s launch of its GIF keyboard, users have shared and/or tweeted over 100 million GIFs a year! Marketers who include GIFs in their marketing strategy can access social media platforms which were previously highly resistant to marketing efforts, such as Tumblr and Reddit.

  • GIFs allow easy engagement with your audience
    Use GIFs to capture interest and make content digestible
  • Tell a story
    Explain your brand’s concept efficiently and quickly
  • Show your brand’s personality
    Connect with your target audience by using powerful images or humour
  • Use GIFs to upgrade your email marketing
    Email marketing can prove difficult as your audience will be bombarded by a number of digital communications. Studies have shown that emails which contain GIFs are able to attract 12% more revenue than non-animated images.

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