What is partially addressed mail?

Do you think that GDPR prevents you from communicating with prospective customers? Think again. Whilst GDPR has made life harder for marketers to send communications and especially target prospects in acquisition campaigns, but… you might not have considered partially addressed mail yet.


Partially addressed mail allows you to use sophisticated geo-demographic targeting to send communications to prospects without the use of personal data and in complete GDPR compliance,


In this post we are going to define what partially addressed mail is and provide 6 clear benefits on why you should definitely not rule out Direct Mail from your marketing mix and a few tips to get started.


What is partially addressed mail?


So what is partially addressed mail? As we said partially addressed mail is a new service that helps marketers circumvent GDPR regulations by implementing a sophisticated geo-demographic targeting on a postcode level, without the use of personal data and using a salutation such as home owner or legal occupier.


Partially addressed mail was born as some kind of middle ground between a doordrop and fully addressed mail to develop a new way to address prospective customers without infringing data privacy regulations.

How does it work? The targeting is carried out in two ways, topping-up your current customers’ postcodes and by finding look-alike postcodes based on the geo-demographic profile of your current customers.


Top-up: geo-demographic of your existing customers to target other households in postcodes where you already have customers.

Look-alike: using your current customers’ geo-demographic profile to match other similar profiles in other areas.


As previously explained this new mail service doesn’t use personal data and the communication pieces are addressed using a collective name such as home owner, legal occupier or by using a campaign name, that allows you more creativity such as holiday lover, dog lover etc.


This enables marketers to contact prospective customers in a GDPR compliant way and to use mail in integrated marketing campaigns.


Partially addressed mail is a great acquisition tool for new customers and also a way to grow your business by combining advanced targeting methods and not being hindered by GDPR.


Six benefits to partially addressed mail


Not convinced yet? Here’s 6 clear benefits to adding partially addressed mail to your marketing mix.


Highly targeted: pinpoint prospects on a postcode level by targeting through demographics, spending habits and customer behaviour.

GDPR compliant: it is compliant because it targets households and not specific individuals.

Integrated: if a campaign is built on a geo-demographic target hence partially addressed mail can be part of a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Cost effective: it reduces volume by targeting prospects with relevant interests

Reach: allows you to reach almost every home in the UK and many potential customers

Acquisition: Win new customers and increase your brand awareness with targeted promotions and information.


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