Why Google uses direct mail, a lot

Think Google. Think digital. Think Adwords. Right?

Google is of course a massive player in digital marketing, they pretty much invented it, with its advertising revenue smashing $67 billion. But you knew that. What you might not know is that Google sends a lot of direct mail and spends a lot doing so. It’s a big part of its multi-billion-dollar marketing strategy, delivering millions of marketing postcards to current and prospective advertisers. Google is using direct mail to drive customers to its online advertising service Google Ad Words.

Why? Because it works. Just ask Royal Mail, their research shows that 79% of consumers react immediately after receiving direct mail and that 75% of consumers who receive direct mail can recall the brand that sent it to them long after they received it. Digital marketing just can’t match it. It’s not even close. “But of course Royal Mail would say it works” I can hear you think. Then ask yourself why, with all the insight and data Google has, would they be using direct mail if it didn’t work?

Google is using direct mail intelligently.

As you’d expect, they’re a bright bunch. Google sends direct mail to businesses that they know are likely to become AdWords customers. For example, if Google knows that banjo makers tend to be valuable AdWords customers, Google will send letters and postcards directly to banjo players. But they could be using direct mail even more intelligently. They could be using programmatic techniques to get in contact with businesses that they know are in the market for Adwords based on their browsing activity – not just because they make banjos.

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