Why use abstract imaging in your marketing?

Finding the perfect images to convey your brand message when designing marketing materials can be a challenge. Using abstract imagery can give your communications a creative edge. Take for example, the iconic Golden Arches or the classic tick – who on the planet could fail to recognise those logos as belonging to McDonald's or Nike? Both of these abstract images have proved to be extremely successful for their associated brands.

It is thought that prospective customers will only remember the name of your company after seeing it a minimum of 10 times. However, choosing the right marketing images can help to make the process of remembering your company name much easier, and what better way to do that than by using an abstract design which acts as a clear visual stimulus to prompt their memory?

Why use an abstract marketing image?

  • Give your brand a unique image
  • Be seen as creative by your customers
  • Using an abstract image gives your brand a contemporary edge, been seen as modern leaders in your sector
  • Your customers are visual beings – give them something to look at other than a standard font and logo

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