Your summer guide to Christmas 2019

It’s that time of year again, time for sun cream, sunglasses and well deserved holidays. For marketers instead it’s time for tinsel, snow and Christmas trees. That’s right, it’s time to start planning your Christmas campaign!

As consumers we complain that every festive season is starting sooner and sooner than the year before, but in marketing the Christmas cheer comes even earlier.

Come summer, marketers need to start planning for the most wonderful time of the year in order to bring the best proposition forward in a crowded market space and avoid a Christmas meltdown.

In this article we are going to outline five quick wins to tackle Christmas early on and plan for success. Ready? Let’s go.


Learn from the past

You need to heed the advice of the ghosts of Christmas past and analyse your performance in the previous trading season. This knowledge will allow to understand how to position your offering this season by understanding what worked and what didn’t.

Refine your CRM- you’re going to need it.

Christmas is synonymous with offers in you inbox and letterbox, make sure that your database is in tip-top shape to face the festive season and make sure that all your communications are targeted and are reaching the right customers.

Select the right offers

Christmas trading analysis has shown that most retailers are heavily reliant on promotions, you need to select the right offer and promotions, without diluting your profit and brand and pinpoint the opportunities in your product range, based on marketing insights.

Be original

No snowflake is identical, so why should your proposition be the same as everyone else? Every customer at Christmas is bombarded with offers and promotions and Christmas ads, why should they choose you? Take an alternative approach to Christmas, be that straying away from the traditional creative Christmas theme, or providing something unique to your customers this season.

Solve your shoppers problems

Christmas is a busy time for everyone. Why not make life easier for your customers by solving a few issues we all have encountered as shoppers? Compile gift list according to category: partner/spouse, parent, best friend or office’s Secret Santa to give them useful suggestions for the gift to their loved ones. What about click and collect and picking time-slots for delivery? Try making your customers’ life as easy as possible and stand out from the competition this Christmas


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