Gender pay gap report - GI Solutions and GI Insight - April 2018

Legislation came into effect in 2016, which placed an obligation on all employers with more than 250 employees at 1st April 2017 to submit data relating to their “Gender pay gap” on both a Government website and their own company website. This has to be completed by 4th April 2018.

This analysis does not take into consideration the different roles being undertaken by employees but is a straightforward comparison of pay across the business.

Outlined below is the information we are required to publish:

  1. Our mean gender pay gap
  2. Our median gender pay gap
  3. Our mean bonus gender pay gap
  4. Our median bonus gender pay gap
  5. The proportion of males receiving a bonus payment
  6. The proportion of females receiving a bonus payment
  7. The proportion of males and females in each quartile pay band
  8. A written statement, authorised by an appropriate senior person, which confirms the accuracy of their calculations.

The information must be published on both the employer’s website and on a designated government website at


The data below relates to GI Solutions and GI Insight at April 2017.

Point 1 - Mean gender pay gap
Hourly rate for Male £15.80, Female £12.25 - Gap = 22.5%

Point 2 - Median gender pay gap
Hourly rate for Male £12.63, Female £10.19 - Gap = 19%

Point 3 - Mean gender bonus gap
Male £5710, Female £0

Point 4 - Median gender bonus gap
No females received a bonus in this pay period

Point 5 - Proportion of males receiving a bonus - 0.01% (4 of 203)

Point 6 - Proportion of females receiving a bonus - 0

Point 7 - See the table below:



Number of male

Number of female

Percentage female

1 (Highest paid)












4 (Lowest paid)









Background to the companies, the sectors we work in and headcount

The print and data sectors have historically been male dominated and the employee base at GI Solutions and GI Insight reflects this with a significant number of long serving male employees and a predominantly male leadership team.

The businesses are end-to-end with a variety of different departments and associated roles with the expectation of a difference in skills, qualifications and experience required to carry out those roles.

With these differences brings differences in the market rate for pay across those roles and departments.

From a gender mix perspective, we employ 76% male and 24% female employees.



The relatively few females employed in roles within the highest earning roles drives the percentage associated with the pay gap.

Only 24% of our employees are female with only 1 female appearing in the top 20 highest salaried employees.

Where we have male and female employees carrying out the same role, they are broadly paid the same.


Closing summary

We commit to ensuring that our recruitment and succession planning processes identify and encourage females to progress within the business and give them the appropriate training in order to enable them to progress.

GI Solutions and GI Insight employ and value a diverse group of employees and do not discriminate against any employees whatever their background or beliefs in either recruitment, selection, training, promotion or pay. GI Solutions and GI Insight have robust policies and processes in place in order to communicate, train and manage to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and consistently.

Where any breaches of its policies are identified, GI Solutions and GI Insight will continue to take appropriate steps to deal with the breach.