AlwaysOn Marketing Machine offers clients a direct mail solution for the ‘moment marketing’ era

Our AlwaysOn Marketing Machine makes direct mail a more agile tool for the new, more immediate world, meaning highly targeted and relevant communications can reach the doormat within days of a trigger, or event.

Timely communications can be triggered by any predetermined event in a customer journey, executing intelligent and effective customer strategies for customer retention, cross sell or regulatory notifications through events such as:

   - Loyal customer starting to lapse
   - Overdue account
   - Repeat website visits
   - Item added to online basket
   - Contract nearing expiration
   - Annual statement & reminders

Mail volumes as small as 1 record cost effectively

Users can now capitalise on the increased engagement that standout direct mail enjoys over other channels - without compromising on timeliness. This is because direct mail manufacturing technology has now evolved to the point where it’s possible to achieve a realistic price point for standard format pre-templated mailings, for volumes as small as one record. Clients can send cost effective mail that goes from ‘trigger’ to letterbox in as little as 48 hours.

Client's seeing success quickly
One client utilised this capability to recover more abandoned baskets, and when direct mail was tested alongside a control receiving email only communications –

The results of the test showed that direct mail converted 14% more customers vs email alone, as well as:

   - increased response rate by 6% vs email alone

   - increased Average Item Value by 8% vs email alone

Batch and Blast is a thing of the past
Ben Snutch, Sales & Commercial Director confirms: “Historically in the world of printed communications we’ve grown accustomed to saving up pots of data until we reach a point where there’s sufficient volume to achieve a sensible unit cost for production and postage. The problem with this approach is that the data ages, losing its effectiveness and relevance – which in turn has a detrimental effect on ROI. With the AlwaysOn Marketing Machine, batch and blast becomes a thing of the past.”

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