DMA Awards Shortlist Double

Go Inspire Group secures shortlist double at DMA Awards 2020. 

Go Inspire Group are extremely pleased to announce that both Lakeland’s myLakeland Club and Pets at Home’s VIP Club have been shortlisted in the Best Customer Retention or Loyalty Programme category at this year’s DMA Awards.
myLakeland: a truly extraordinary retail and ecommerce loyalty proposition
A desire to launch a club that is something really special for customers led Lakeland to work with us to develop a unique and relevant loyalty proposition, myLakeland Club. Since its launch in August 2019, myLakeland has gone from strength to strength.

Pets at Home: A Very Important Pets Club
Launched in 2012, in conjunction with Go Inspire, The Pets at Home VIP Club is already a large and hugely successful Club, so the strategy in 2019/20 was not to instigate radical change, but rather to scale-up and optimise an already popular and engaging loyalty proposition to achieve meaningful and substantial growth from the insight gained.

We look forward to the Awards in December and wish all the brands and partners who have been shortlisted the best of luck.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team, to see how our unique approach to Customer Retention and Loyalty can benefit your business please fill in the form on this page, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

“The DMA Awards reward those people who are brave enough to be scrutinised. It’s not just about the big idea and the clever awards film. It’s about the insights, the clever use of data, the craft, the exceptional ROI, the work that pushes our industry forward.”

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