Elvin Prasad

Development, Go Inspire Solutions


What is your job title at Go Inspire and what does it involve?

Special Projects Developer

I develop bespoke solutions which are too intricate for standard processes, which require extra attention to detail, specified by clients directly. As a department, we work closely with clients to technically advise them and deliver a professional product.

We receive raw client data and sanitise it to conform to our high data integrity standards, and provide in-depth reports back to our clients. We normalise this data with an aim to make future work more efficient.

We develop bespoke customer communications and output them through various channels such as mail pieces, e-mails and websites driven through the above client data. We provide detailed reporting on customer responses to help our clients understand their market insights.

How long have you worked for the Company and in what roles?

Transactional Services Developer - 1 Year
Special Projects Developer - 2 months

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy solving complex problems, which are always changing due to the nature of our work. We as a team are always looking to work with 'bleeding edge' technology which is supported by our clients.

What’s the best thing about working here?

The team! I work with a broad range of people who each contribute valuable skills that aid the delivery of an outstanding service. Each staff member is willing to help one another and everyone has a high team spirit and lots of positive energy. I really admire how Go Inspire is always embracing change and never hesitant to innovate.

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