Matthew Bell

Digital Studio, Go Inspire Solutions


What is your job title at Go Inspire and what does it involve?

I am a Digital Studio Developer and I am involved in the processing and manipulation of data for a variety of well-known regional, national and international entities. I then use this data to produce bespoke marketing material in a variety of formats. I liaise with many different departments including client services, artworkers, production and enclosing.

How long have you worked for the Company and in what roles?

I have worked for the company for around five years, initially I started as a temporary agent working in a mail room processing incoming mail. I later applied to join the studio team which offered a greater breadth of challenges and responsibilities.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

My job is varied, I work with a variety of different interesting people and there is something to be said for the satisfaction of successfully completing a large campaign. Sometimes the mailing I’ve worked on numbers in the millions, and a copy even arrives at my house, as I’m a customer!

What’s the best thing about working here?

At its heart, the best thing about working here is the people. I have made some great friends here who not only help and support me in my professional life, but are also eager to engage in social activities outside of work, including nights out, meeting for coffee, climbing and physical activities, reading circles to name but a few.

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