The heart and soul of DM 

Written by Alistair Ezzy

We can’t deny it, email’s cheap and its fast. But it doesn't come near to delivering the results of a combined digital and mail campaign.

That’s because mail’s personal. It’s tangible. It connects us with what it means to be human.

Digital has changed the DM landscape. That’s not a bad thing. However, I sense we’ve lost some of that DM soul in the process. That soul is mail. It ties everything back together.

There’s nothing better than an outstanding piece of mail that drops through the letterbox. A well-crafted personalised letter. A well-designed piece of print. A letter engages in a way that email never will.

Royal Mail MarketReach Quadrangle tells us that a phenomenal 92% of people are driven to online or digital activity as a result of receiving mail, and 87% are influenced to make online purchases. (source: ‘Private Life of Mail’ by

Kerry Holden and I had a chat about this when we met at a DMA Mailing Council meeting.

Kerry, who is Chair of the DMA Mailing Council said that when he came into the industry, Direct Mail was very much a standalone channel. It humours him that … “despite all the apocalyptic rhetoric regarding Direct Mail’s demise, it has endured.”

“First it was the fax that was going to be the death of it, then email, the list goes on.
This is because it is a tried and tested channel that generates highly attributable results. Direct Mail has evolved to complement the digital landscape – and ‘complement’ really is the key word here. To coin a metaphor, the modern day marketer is like a school captain, picking his team. You obviously want the best players.

As part of my direct marketing strategy, I’d certainly want Direct Mail on my team!”

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