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Digital Playback

Our newest platform, Digital Playback, enriches your data to acquire more customers and maximise value. Get a clear view of your customers’ activity, see missed potential and discover new ways to build customer loyalty.

Simple attribution of your marketing channels

Customers engage across many channels and each channel reports on metrics that are specific to them. This makes it difficult to truly understand real performance. Digital Playback enables you to track customer behaviours across channels and attributes performance accordingly. It provides a realistic view of your channel investment and helps you make smarter decisions.

Join together online and offline data

Digital Playback gives you a complete view of customer behaviour. This enables you to measure the performance of digital channels to your offline sales. Using this insight you’re able to personalise the customer experience from online to store.

Digital Playback shows your customers’ activity - across all channels - so you can improve what’s working and change what’s not.

Personalise customer web journey

Digital Playback lets you track customer behaviour on your website. This enables you to understand the journeys that drive value for your business, and also to personalise the web experience of a visitor to your website.


Identify missed sales potential

Browsers who don’t buy are a lost source of potential revenue. Digital Playback enables you to deploy highly targeted communications website visitors who haven’t purchased, maximising the efficiency of customer acquisition spend.

Measure SEO, PPC and social effectiveness

Paid and owned media performance needs to be evaluated both in isolation and with other channels. Digital Playback lets you see the customer lifetime value delivered from each of these channels. It also helps justify the investment in content marketing and helps you understand the how valuable customer are who engage with your content.