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It (almost) goes without saying that as we create up to half a billion printed impressions a year for some of Britain’s brightest and best businesses, we make sure our print is perfect.

But let’s be honest, you don’t just want a perfectly printed piece, you want a perfectly printed piece that’s more exciting than anything your competitor’s produce and is so appealing that your customers just have to engage with it, and this is where our commercial print innovation comes in.


Studies have shown that personalised print, i.e. something with details relevant to the user, is far more likely to be acted on than a generic advert. Using our capability to personalise your commercial print, eclipse can make sure that your print work harder for you.

Personalisation can now be a mainstay of your commercial print, as we continue to develop new ways for it to add value to your print pieces and campaigns:

Adding unique store or regional codes
Makes your print more location specific.

Incorporating campaign codes
Aids attribution and shows how hard your print is working.

Creating targeted offers
Makes your campaign more relevant and appealing.

Including offer end dates
Adds a motivational sense of urgency to your promotion, and triggers an actions

Personalising door drops
Makes your customer feel valued and guided to purchase.


Not everyone will be familiar with Magnastrip inserts, but they can be a clever and effective way to create removable inserts without losing brand impact.

For example, a 65mm branded Magnastrip incorporated into a publication will remain there as a page marker even when the core message has been removed, dramatically increasing the longevity and prominence of your campaign. This works particularly well for dual advertising campaigns where you need to include an off-the-page advert.

Reduced Lead Times

Reduced Lead Times

Our unique production method means that these inserts can be produced within days of signing off artwork, rather than weeks.

Cost Effective High Volume Runs

Cost Effective High Volume Runs

There are substantial savings against the conventional method of producing Magnastrip inserts in high volumes, with print runs starting at 200k units.

Fully Branded

Fully Branded

As both parts of the insert can be branded there is more chance your brand will be noticed and remembered.

The Tech Part

The Tech Part

The formats include conventional 8pp and 12pp Spine-glued Inserts at varying sizes, alongside our specialised 8pp Stepped Edge and 8pp D/Gate Fold Magnastrip Inserts, all manufactured to create maximum impact and stand out.