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Understand your customers

Great customer insight is the key to driving sales. Your data is the key to driving revenue growth. We offer a number of insight packages that can unlock its potential.

Intro into Insight Bundle

Identifying Business Opportunities Intro Insight identifies the key customers to focus on to grow your business. This is delivered by a webinar and a bespoke insight report.

Customer Status
• Customer status/segmentation (retained, lapsed, value)
• Customer Geo demographics and affluence Trend Analysis
• Revenue
• Sales Channel
• Customer Churn
• Seasonal
• Customer Numbers Products and Categories Analysis
• Product /category performance by customer type

Insight into Action

Identifying Business Opportunities Insight into Action provides everything that Intro Insight supplies with the addition of clear sales-driving campaign recommendations plus the source data to enable you to action your insight.

Includes Intro into Insight Bundle Plus: Business Growth Opportunities

• Growing share of wallet
• Cross sell and Up sell customer opportunities
• Fluctuations in customer spend patterns
• Recommendations Customer Campaigns
• Campaign Recommendations
• Single Customer View source data (Enables you to select customers and deploy multi-media campaigns)

Forecasting Churn
• Customer Churn by Product Group/Category

Bespoke Insight

Forensic Add-ons For more bespoke and specialised work Forensic Insight delivers in depth analysis and solutions to your specific business needs. These are often used to support business growth and/or diversification. Here’s a selection of our add-ons:

Business Insight Opportunities
• Brand Loyalty
• Market Share
• Deep Dive Basket Analysis
• New Store Planning

Customer Deep Dive Insight
• Customer Purchasing behaviour
• Predictive Customer Campaign Responses
• Customer Acquisition drivers

Campaign Performance
• On-line 'consideration phase' tracking
• Attribution Modelling
• Site path flow
• Abandoned Browsers/basket insight
• Browsing behaviour

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