Go Inspire


In-house customer service centre

For many clients we also provide customer service support via telephone, email, post and web chat. We operate a highly trained, high quality in-house customer service centre where personality, warmth and empathy and getting the right customer outcome are our top priorities. We are very cost competitive because we focus on getting it “right first time” and because our location gives us a low cost base without reducing quality.  We take up to 8000 calls daily across all clients, including outbound calls to customers when relevant and we record all calls for training purposes.

Physical application form scanning

Our customer service team also process and data capture physical application forms for some of the best known UK loyalty programs. Scanning the application and storing the image for future GDPR audit or subject access requests, data capturing it, doing address cleaning and profanity checks, for around 30p/ application. Our team manage around 50,000 applications daily.

This means that accurate customer data is rapidly captured and uploaded to your CRM database by a UK team which is internally and externally audited to ISO27001.

Returning Mail Service

We provide a comprehensive goneaways management service to manage your returned mail packs and flag goneaways to ensure your data is accurate for future campaigns. We capture and record goneaways to suit your business needs; including barcode scanning or data capture of a URN or full address. We can also provide a dedicated PO Box number, or business reply service for your campaign.

For reporting, we will supply an electronic file containing each recorded goneaway based on the information captured from the returned mail enabling you to update your database for future campaigns. If required, we can provide you with reporting outlining the quantity of returns by code (i.e. addressee has goneaway, address incomplete, no answer, address inaccessible, refused, not called for) so you can understand why the mail pack did not reach the recipient.

We physically handle and securely dispose of your goneaways in-line with our ISO27001 accreditation.