Engage 26: 5 ways to future proof your marketing

In this issue:

  • Insight, Facts & Case Studies to make the most of mail - a new tool kit from Royal Mail MarketReach.
  • 5 Ways to Future Proof Your Marketing World
  • News including a data audit offer, as well as updates from Royal Mail, Paperplanes and details of our seminars.
  • Masterclass: Improving Customer Communications MKIII

As competition increases and the needs of the customer evolve, so too must your marketing communications. See page 4 and 5 for 5 ways you can future proof your marketing world.

On page 3 you’ll find details of Royal Mail MarketReach’s new Insights Toolkit which includes case studies, insight reports and more. In keeping with our theme of future proofing your marketing, on page 6 we bring you an update from Programmatic Mail pioneers Paperplanes. On page 7, you’ll find details of how to access up to 30% postage savings on your Transactional mail as well as details of our seminars.

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