Facing the future

The world is changing very rapidly. It is only 10 years since the first iPhone was launched, a development that spurred a whole range of innovations ranging from mobile apps, fingerprint identification, to mobile payments. A lot of those things have quickly become mainstream actions and are now taken for granted. Mobile, however, has just been one development — cloud computing, social media, big data analytics — the world has changed so rapidly, and will continue to do so if we look at what is coming. Chatbots, voice-recognition, the Internet of Things (IOT), blockchain — the list is long and each of those new developments has the potential to fundamentally transform how businesses operate.

How valuable are those new technologies? And how can you assimilate them into your business? In this white paper, the goal is to provide an overview of upcoming technology trends that we believe will have significant impact on customer communications. We will also provide recommendations on how to overcome complexities in managing and utilising those new trends.

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